We celebrated my three and five year old kiddies together, with a neutral color scheme for a boy/girl party.  Nothing crazy.  Just enough for them to feel celebrated loved and something they would remember. Pizza, berries, organic cotton candy w sparkles via Bon Puf ((Vi's  favorite being honey-rose and Dommy's strawberry)) and some black/ gold little homemade decor details.  Hope you enjoy some of the inspiration.


for the tablecloth.....

10 ft white linen

1 large bottle Rit black fabric dye


hot water

1 cup salt

Prewash your fabric of choice. Pour one cup of salt into an empty bucket.  Then add 3ish gallons of hottest-hot bath water. Once outside pour in one bottle of dye. Put a large trash bag over your arm, or two (I did!) and stir in the salt and dye.  (I snuck in some nice jeans w a dated wash that i use as cutoffs, now a nice blackish. And my daughters paint stained white tulle skirt in attempt to salvage, now a grey tulle skirt;)

....Fold the fabric in half down the center longways, and roll/fold sideways as much as possible. Place the fabric into the bucket about 2/3 the way in and allow to sit for 30 minutes, leaving the top/middle portion undyed other than washer cycle bleed. After that pull up the fabric another 1/3 out of the bucket and leave for 3 hours or overnight leaving three shades of died linen, white, lightly dyed, and starkly dyed. (I did overnight 2 x, and it still did not become true black;). The following day pull out your linen and spray as much dye out with a hose. Wash one to two times on a normal/delicate cycle in your washer alone.  Remove linen and tumble dry on delicate. Meanwhile follow up with a "clean-washer" cycle to get any left over dye out with a little detergent and bleach.  For the first few washes, wash dyed linen seperately or with like colors to minimize staining onto other clothes;)  Although the black did not pull as strong as I planned, I think it turned out to be a perfect grey-blue/indigo/blackish dip dyed tablecloth for the party! ...I will add it to my little collection and look forward to using it as a linen beach sheet this summer.  


The piñata , I did not attempt to make (found mine here).... though I am sure a DIY could be found on Pinterest and if you are not a maker, a similar handmade one is bound to exist on etsy.  We are always trying to buy less things and invest more quality time and memorable moments into the kids. Their gifts were a date, a simple, party-piece of clothing each that Vivi picked out, and a fun party with friends.  They were happy.

The feather garland was fun and easy, my FAVORITE thing I have made in awhile! There is no exact formula. I simply bought multiple packages of white and black feathers from JoANNS. Some gold metallic, black, and white embroidery thread.  I already had gold glitter and gold paint. And went for a walk  down the street to gather some wild flowers, twigs, and herbs.  for 3-5 garlands varying 3-6 feet long use.....

3-4 bunches of embroidery thread

6 packs of 12 feathers black/white

25+ mini wildflower stems 

spray can or bottle of metallic paint

small jar of glitter

I laid out plain, unpainted feathers in a pattern with the flowers, randomly alternating until I was happy with the color pattern, random nature, and flow of the objects. Then I begin tying double knots with some help (this takes some time)!  After that follow up with a dab of super glue to ensure feathers don't slip out.  Warning: these are super hectic to transport and tangle like crazy. Do not throw them into a tote or box!! I taped them to a wall when finished, at party time taped them to the inside rear window of my car. Put them up as party decor. And then back up they went, taped in my room and my daughters to add some color and life to our bedrooms.  We are still enjoying them weeks later; though they are dried out they have kept their color and still look gorgeous.

If you choose to paint any feathers I would recommend laying them out, outside, on cardboard and spraying the bottom portion with a gold metallic spray paint.... the kids and I dipped them in craft paint, but it was a little thick for my liking and not as shiny.  We also then dipped and sprinkled on glitter, and repeated the tying process mentioned above.   We kept it messy, imperfect, and asymmetrical. The accessible kind of beauty.